July 1, 2016

The 7 Major Facebook Ad Audiences

1. Geo Targeted Audience: Target an area by zip code or location radius using general demographic information for saturation targeting. Example: Men 25-33 years old within a 5 mile radius of downtown Orlando.

2. Facebook Interest and Behavior Data: You can also target based on interests and behaviors that have been identified on Facebook. Want to target a specific profession or someone interested in a specific industry? You can with Facebook. Want to target someone by the school they likely attended? You can using Facebook. Want to target someone by their hobby? You can using Facebook.

3. Facebook Partner Data: In additions to targeting customers by their own interests you may be able to use Facebook partner data. For instance if you are in Automotive Facebook’s partnership with Polk allows you to target likely in market intenders or those that currently own a specific make of car.

4. Custom Database Audience: Upload a custom segment of your database to Facebook and the database will match to Facebook’s own database on the basis of e-mail and phone number. About 30-40% of any given data set will find matching Facebook profiles.

5. Look-A-Like Audiences: Upload your own audience and then find people in a targeted area that match their general profile and demographics.

6. Website Retargeted Audience: Pixel a specific page of your website that will allow you to target your website visitors now on Facebook.

7. Your Facebook Page Followers: Did you do it right from the beginning and grow a natural fan base of loyalists to your brand? Then you still may want to make sure you are speaking to them.